Related Projects
• Designed to help connect people in need with food assistance, is one of the nation’s largest online directories of food pantries. Since its inception, has served over 50,000 unique visitors, and now contains information on approximately 1/3 of the food pantries in the USA.
• An intake and client management system for food pantries and other small to medium-sized hunger relief programs. It works on any device – phone, tablet, Mac, PC – and is designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. All you’ll need to start using Intaker is an internet connection, an e-mail address, and about 15 minutes! Currently in development.

mobileHunger Hunters
• Since August of 2010, the Hunger Hunters mobile food pantry program has distributed over half a million pounds of food to people in need in underserved areas of Grand Rapids. By establishing mobile food pantry distribution sites in underserved areas of Kent County and building local support to keep those sites going for the long term, we will help targeted local communities “learn to fish” in addressing their hunger problems. This work will also benefit other areas through the creation of a good practices/troubleshooting guide to running such distributions. You can read our press release about our 500,000 pound milestone here