Ways to End Hunger

Learning How to End Hunger in Your Community


About this Web site

This Web site and the accompanying book by John M. Arnold of the Second Harvest Gleaners Food Bank of West Michigan, Inc., called Charity Food Programs That Can End Hunger In America, outline about a dozen very specific tools that your food pantry, food bank or other charity food program can use to reach the goal of adequately addressing your area’s hunger problem. You will know absolutely how to end hunger—not abstractly or by means that rely on forces, events or resources beyond your control.


How to use this Web site

The sections titled Facts about hunger in America and Research behind this Web site provide some background about the information in this Web site.

The links at left will navigate you through the various ideas that will help you make your food pantry more productive and will help you to end hunger in your community.

You can navigate through the links in any order.


We're not trying to be critical, but...

In reviewing this Web site, you may feel that it criticizes your agency. I feel your pain. In 1984 I authored the first nationally circulated how-to handbook on how to run a food pantry. Much of what was in that book is what I am now admonishing people to stop doing. Every time you wince, trust that I am squirming with you!


Evaluate your program

Not all food assistance agencies need to implement 100 percent of this Web site in order to bring ending hunger within reach.

The bottom link at left will take you to a score sheet you can use to assess your practices with respect to the Waste Not Want Not Project recommendations. A perfect program will score 127.6. A less-fully-aligned agency will score less. It is possible to score as low as 0.0009.

All we need in order to bring ending hunger within reach is an average score of 70. So if your agency cannot fully undertake some of the Waste Not Want Not Project recommendations, don’t worry! Just be aware that not doing some of these things only means you should do some of the others a little more fully. Get your score up to 70, and we end hunger. Read about and download the evaluations now.

I encourage you to explore this Web site and use the downloadable manual (550K PDF) to begin or improve a food pantry that serves people who are poor in your locale. Enjoy this necessary and hopeful effort to eliminate hunger in America.